A little Hiatus… and the return

I have been away awhile since life kind of got crazy.

Our dog, Baxter fell ill and it ended up being a brain tumour.  We went through the radiation therapy etc., and are now in the dog is getting better but we don’t quite know how long we have with him.  Granted it looks optimistic in prognosis, but I cannot bring myself to believe enough for fear of the greater disappointment if greater hopes are not fulfilled.

Nathan is going off to College soon and as a High school graduation present, I had promised him a father – son pub crawl.  The fares to London ended up being crazy so we decided to find a closer environs, Montreal.  Went there for 4 days and did 3 or 4 pubs a day drinking half pints.  Absolutely loved the experience of the dad-son camaraderie and bonding that we had.  In fact, I will post something on the Montreal pub-crawls soon.

Now, I am trying to organize my life around the fact I have to take Nathan up to college end of August as well as the family vacation up in Vermont in early August.

But now that I have run out of excuses, I will do a couple of posts in quick succession…