Dehydrating Cherry Tomatoes

We have a surfeit of cherry tomatoes coming out of our summer garden. I have actually taken to dehydrating them.

The texture of the dehydrated tomatoes really ends up depending on the temperature you choose to dry them at.

  • Dry them at 130° to 135° F and you would end up with a crisp dried tomato
  • Between 115° and 125°F you end up leaving a little bit of moisture to give it a slightly chewy texture

To actually process them, wash the tomatoes first and then halve them. If you want to sprinkle lightly with fine ground sea salt (personally I have done them with and without so I can pick and choose depending on the application).

Arrange them on your dehydrator racks without the pieces touching each other. Set to the appropriate temperature and turn on. Generally it takes about 12 hours. If you have multiple racks swap their order to even out the drying among the layers in the dehydrator.

After the drying process is complete, cool them at room temperature for a few minutes and then put them in a sealed ziplock bag for storage. I tend to store them in the freezer since we have absolutely no preservative in it.

The slightly chewy ones as a condiment on top of salads is spectacular. Also add them to omelets for that burst of acidity and sweetness. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back on what you can use the little flavour nuggets.