Bread Making… Revived

A long time ago I used to bake bread couple of times a week. Then life happened, Engineering Corporate career, two Children, schools lots of work travel etc., and it all went into hiatus. This corona virus induced isolation regimen and the resulting shortage of good bread at the stores prompted me to get the practice revived again.

The one thing I did different this time was I decided to concentrate and build my own sourdough practice; ergo, I acquired one and built another from scratch sour dough starters. I will post a separate entry on how to make your own sourdough starter. It is not that hard at all; all it requires is some patience and a few days of building it up.

There will stuff to throw away from the building sourdough, but collect all of the discards in a separate container, keep it in the fridge and use them to make sourdough pancakes. They turn out pretty darn good.

Went back into the bin in the basement where we had stored the acquired accoutrements to bread making and found my wicker banetton, my cloche scraper etc. My couche, the cloth to proof your loaves, I think is not quite there; it smells a little musty. I cannot find my Lame either… But I have made a few batches of sourdough baguettes while figuring out the oven and baking temps and the last one I made was a Miche with 50% whole wheat flour.

Miche – A 50% whole wheat sourdough boule