A Wine Rating System for a Pleb like me..


This is a simplistic wine rating system for me.  A Robert Parker 98 means really nothing to most mortals who like to drink good wine.

This is my way of categorizing my wines based on my drinking…


    1. WTIB – This is “Wow Take it Back”, meaning take it back to the kitchen.  This lot of riff raff don’t deserve this and let us drink it just by ourselves without sharing.
    2. ONGM – “Oooohh, nice; Get some more”
    3. GW – Easy rating… Stands for “Good Wine”.  A lot of every days wines fall under this category.  There are exceptions of course
    4. YWE – “Yeah Whatever”.  Nothing exceptional but will do at a pinch…..
    5. EwwP – “Ewwww, Plonk”.  Have not drunk something like this since college.  Would not put it out even after everybody at the party is drunk enough to kill their taste buds.


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