Our Everyday wine – Apothic Red

This has been our everyday wine in the house for the last three years or so. This is a luscious easy drinking wine. Fruit forward and does not need any work to quaff on a daily basis. Lots of Cheery Berry flavours in addition to soft but very noticeable vanilla from the oak.

In addition to its nice and easy drinking attributes, this wine lives on my counter top for two days without any deleterious effects; still very drinkable on day two. Only once in two years it has made the third day since we drink it. It has also been very consistent over three vintages…

All in all a great every day wine, especially given that it is a sub $10 wine…


This was our everyday wine for 3 years or so in 2015 when the original post appeared.  It still isour evryday wine and it still is a sub $10 wine.  It is awesome.

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