My attitudes to wine are changing

While I have always loved the good wines and have lashed out occasionally to buy 50-80-100-120 $ bottles of wine and really savoured them, my attitudes towards them are changing recently.

When I tasted a 100$ bottle of wine and it tasted great, my reactions and comments on the wine were just about the wine and not so much what I paid for it; it is easy because most 100$ wines taste darn good.  It also resulted in me praising the wine maker for his great skills in producing the great wine.

Recently I am looking at things a little differently.  The maker of the great wine is starting from a great place; he can afford and starts with the primo, crème de la crème juice from the best vineyards with the best climate for the year etc.  So in effect, he starts on mile 14 of a marathon rather than mile zero.

The guy that produces a wonderful wine at 10-20$ a bottle is not starting from the primo juice and yet, he/she produces a great wine given their starting material.  My respect for the makers of very good to great wines for 10-20$ is way more now than for the Mondavi winemaker who produces Opus 1 from the best juice of the year for the region and can sell his wine at about a 100$.

May be in my old age my palate has become not so refined anymore, but I don’t think so.  It is just that I am looking at the skill levels of the wine makers with a different set of glasses on.

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